Though our website builder would love us to produce reams and reams of material for a blog, I’m afraid we are too busy doing real work to spend time typing away! However, to stay ahead in construction we do spend a lot of time reading others work online.

Below are some of our favourite blogs. Yes it’s a bit of a cop out, but you’d rather we did some work than wrote about it wouldn’t you!

Really insightful blog that we read regularly to keep up to speed with the latest news

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The UK’s leading building magazine. Helpful for legal matters and new white papers published:

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New Driveway


Here is a new drive way we constructed, here we had a to remove an old brick out house first as the owners wanted a new drive to be built at the side of the house. Then the land had to be cleared and leveled We then […]

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New Gates


Front of the new gates for the driveway Reverse of the new gates

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New Fencing


Here is a job were the old fence was clearly unrepairable. So we took the old fence and supports out. Then we put in new supports and panels Then we completed the fence all the way to the bottom of the garden and it really makes the […]

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New Kitchen

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New Porch


Here we built a new porch for a house in Barnsley Stage 1               Stage 2               Stage 3

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